There is Always Hope

Meeting of the Varied Minds

The Council at Dale

March 27th, 2946 in the Third Age

Legolas, son of King Thranduil, has arrived in Dale to participate in a meeting on local area issues. The meeting, dubbed the Northern Council, is run by King Bard the Bowman of Dale.

Legolas brings two friends from Mirkwood. Aerindil and Hallfer, both of Mirkwood.

As Dale is still under construction to rebuild itself to its former glory, the three guests from Mirkwood are provided exclusive services from the Thirsty Unicorn. They will stay as the only guests of the proprietors, Odigro and Tevi.

March 31st, 2946 in the Third Age

At the Northern Council Legolas learns of a reported Warg menace north of Eriador, near the small Dalish community of Elur and east towards the hills known as Tar Arprithion. Legolas agrees to lead an investigation into the Warg sitings.

Roland, son of the King’s brother, argues that he should lead the investigation north, but he is overruled. Three volunteers agree to go with the elves:

  • Bodrick Ironfoot of Eriador, nephew to the Dwarven King
  • Bain the Swordsmen, prince of Dale, son of the King
  • Sesha the Wise, a scholar from the newly founded Dale Bookhouse

They agree to leave the next morning.



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