There is Always Hope

The Hunt Begins
The fellowship heads to Elur

April 1st, 2946 of the Third Age

The fellowship heads north. There is a small stop at Erebor where Sesha confirms that the Dwarven halls have records of ancient stories of Tar Arpithrion. There the group learns of the old legends of a thief who was chased from the Lonely Mountain to the hills in the waste lands. The dwarves called the hills “the city of the mage thief”, an allusion to his seeming disappearance. Tar Aprithrion is a muddled Elvish translation.

After a day’s ride north the company finds Gul, the farmer who reported the wargs. He allows the company to stay in his house while he moves his family to the barn for the night.

April 2nd, 2946 of the Third Age

In the morning he leads the troop to the hills of Tar Arpithrion where they find warg tracks. Gul leaves the company to return home and the group find their first warg which they find as vicious as its reputation. A second warg escapes into the hills and is followed by the fellowship. The tracks lead to the bottom of a cliff, and Bodrick soon discovers there is a hidden goblin door at that very spot. The group agrees to enter and investigate.

The door is opened and leads to a dark set of stairs down into what Bodrick describes as a “very old goblin lair”. These are not new tunnels. Down the steps the group hears and meets up with the second warg and two goblins. A quick battle ensues and the group is unharmed. Bain is thrilled to have been part of his first battle and single handedly kills one of the goblins.

Thus ends the first session of There is Always Hope.

Meeting of the Varied Minds
The Council at Dale

March 27th, 2946 in the Third Age

Legolas, son of King Thranduil, has arrived in Dale to participate in a meeting on local area issues. The meeting, dubbed the Northern Council, is run by King Bard the Bowman of Dale.

Legolas brings two friends from Mirkwood. Aerindil and Hallfer, both of Mirkwood.

As Dale is still under construction to rebuild itself to its former glory, the three guests from Mirkwood are provided exclusive services from the Thirsty Unicorn. They will stay as the only guests of the proprietors, Odigro and Tevi.

March 31st, 2946 in the Third Age

At the Northern Council Legolas learns of a reported Warg menace north of Eriador, near the small Dalish community of Elur and east towards the hills known as Tar Arprithion. Legolas agrees to lead an investigation into the Warg sitings.

Roland, son of the King’s brother, argues that he should lead the investigation north, but he is overruled. Three volunteers agree to go with the elves:

  • Bodrick Ironfoot of Eriador, nephew to the Dwarven King
  • Bain the Swordsmen, prince of Dale, son of the King
  • Sesha the Wise, a scholar from the newly founded Dale Bookhouse

They agree to leave the next morning.

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